Grocery Card Program

Contribute hundreds of dollars to Mackintosh Parent Council without spending an extra penny!

Do you eat? Do you buy gas? Do you currently shop at King Soopers, Safeway, and/or Lucky’s? If so, please order your reloadable grocery card now!

Follow these four steps and start earning money for Mack!

  1. Order your card and designate amount: $5 - $500.
  2. In the future, use your credit card, cash, debit card, or check at the checkout line or customer service counter to load money onto your card.
  3. Do your normal grocery shopping or refueling at these stores and pay with your preloaded grocery card. 
  4. When you are down to a zero balance on the card, reload up to $500. 

Mackintosh earns 7% back from Lucky’s, 5% back from King Soopers, and 3-5% back from Safeway. These percentages are paid to Mackintosh at no extra cost to you!!!

Frequently asked questions

How do I use the card?
The grocery cards come preloaded with the amount you specified when ordering. Use your card at checkout just like a gift card. If your balance is low, PRIOR to scanning groceries, reload (add value to) your card right at the register! You can reload your card with any amount up to $500 and you can reload your cards an unlimited number of times.   

Time saving tip: Reload your card monthly with the amount you budget for groceries and gas.

Can I use reloadable grocery cards to purchase things besides gas and groceries?      

Yes! Ski lift tickets, movie passes, gift cards and any other event tickets can be purchased with the card. (They may not be used for money orders, Western Union, lottery tickets, stamps or reloadable Visa or Master card).

Can I use my credit card to reload my grocery cards?  
Yes, you can use your preferred credit card to reload your grocery cards and continue to earn frequent flyer miles or reward points, while at the same time earning cash back for Mackintosh Academy!

Is my card only accepted at our neighborhood King Soopers or Safeway?
No. King Soopers cards are accepted at most Kroger affiliated stores including City Market, Loaf & Jug, Ralphs, Smith’s, Food 4 Less, Dillons, Foodco, QFC, Fred Meyer, Baker’s, Scott’s, Owen’s and Fry’s.

Can I send these cards to my relatives or friends?
Yes! Cards linked to Mackintosh Academy can be distributed to anyone wishing to support our school.

What if I lose my card?
Keep a record of the number on the back of your card. Each card has an ID # that keeps track of your balance. If your card is lost, your money isn’t gone (provided someone did not find the card and use it immediately). If your card is lost, the balance can be retrieved from the computer, your old # retired and a new card is issued with the balance from your lost card. Remember that the balance needs to be transferred to a card linked to Mackintosh Academy.

Where are King Soopers & Safeway fuel centers in Boulder County?

King Soopers Fuel Stations:

  • 375 South Boulder Road, Louisville
  • 480 U.S. Highway 287, Lafayette
  • 3600 Table Mesa, Boulder
  • Sunrise Center, 1650 30th Street, Boulder
  • 3005 Arapahoe Avenue, Boulder
  • Loaf and Jugs offer reward points too!


Safeway Fuel Stations:

  • 1601 Coalton Road, Superior
  • 3602 W. 144th Ave., Broomfield
  • 1050 Ken Pratt Blvd., Longmont

Thank you for your support!  Please contact Gift Card Coordinator Missy Gill at with any additional questions.